Belief and Success

Belief and Success

Feb 06, 2022

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You may be looking for a way out of mediocrity or wanting to create a better, more fulfilling life for yourself, your family, if you’ve arrived at this page.

It’s okay to admit it. It’s perfectly normal.

There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve been unsuccessful searching for a solution or a way out. What would be shameful is to hide the problem, not admit it, or pretend that everything is fine.

Ok, now that we are on the same page, I need your attention, pay close attention while reading this blog post. 

Before you decided to sit there, on that chair, or lay there on the sofa or bed, or whatever it is that you are on, reading this right now, it seems to be sturdy, right? 

I mean, obviously, its holding your weight. Its doing its job. 

Well did you know or realize that before you sat or laid there and began reading this, you had to make a quick decision?

If fact, that quick decision was made so fast that you probably weren’t even aware of the decision making you did when you did it.

I hope I didn’t confuse or loose you there but stay with me – I’ll tell you what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the assessment process you went through about the fitness of that bed, sofa, or chair you’re on. 

Think about it. 

If you sat or laid there without giving it any thought, without considering whether its sturdy enough to hold you or positioned just right, you probably would have fallen flat on your butt.

You could've hurt yourself. Seriously!

Belief is the reason you went through an emotional process of sitting there or laying there before you began reading this. 

You believed that what you are on would hold your weight. 

You believed that what you are on is in good enough shape to prevent you from falling.

You believed that it was strong enough to take care of you and ensure that you would not get hurt. Right?

If you didn’t believe these things, you wouldn’t have sat or laid on it.

So, if you can believe that the item you are on can hold you up, why do you continue believing in things that hold you down?

If you ever find yourself struggling in something, its because you’re believing in the wrong things.

I know this isn’t good to hear or in this case read - nobody likes to hear this sort of thing.

We make our own decisions and sometimes, nothing hurts more than to come face to face with the knowing that you’ve made a bad choice.

Belief is crucial.

You do it all the time, each and every single day.

We all do!

Don’t remain trapped or feel trapped. Instead, tap into the power of belief so that you can make better decisions.

As much as I don’t like to say this, the world doesn’t care about your feelings or of what your emotional state is. It pays attention to your actions. Get your belief system in order and you’re actions will be filled with better choices, better decisions.

Meaning, your better action taking will place your life in a better position.

Your expectations and assumptions are impacted by your belief. Start right there.

What’s true about you, what do you believe to be true about you?

Your capability, your life, your place in the world.

What do you expect from life? This is belief too.

I want you to know that as easy as you can accept certain beliefs, you can just as easy drop them like its hot!

Belief affects your coping mechanisms and how you roll.  

Having an understanding about how your belief works and how your belief is really a choice will allow you to make better choices, which in-turn will help you get better results with anything you do. 

So Many Colors..

Life is covered in many many colors.

Wouldn't you agree?

It always presents us with many problems and obstacles from time to time.

Some of those obstacles come in small sizes and some are simply so huge that it causes one to stop along the way. Those huge obstacles sometimes appear bigger than what they really are and can make you believe that its unattainable.

Your success is worth asking yourself a few questions. 

Questions about your belief.

What if someone told you to believe in yourself and your abilities?

What if you believed that whatever you see as an obstacle, you will overcome?

When one believes, one always finds a way.  

About Your Belief

Let’s focus on belief a little. 

When it comes to your ability, what do you believe about it?

Do you believe you can overcome obstacles, that you’re strong enough to do so?

Do you have the winning mindset and know that you’ll succeed?

These are some of the kind of questions you should ask yourself.

How Does Belief Help You Succeed?

A strong belief in your ability will not only provide you with the strength to keep going but also the positive attitude needed to find answers or solutions to any problem you encounter. 

If you believe you’ll find the solution, then you’ll be excited to work towards that.

On the other hand, if you doubt your ability, then you’ve already lost.

Belief is a strong component for success – in anything!

And it works in truly miraculous ways.

Believe you will succeed.

Believe that you deserve success.

Believe that you will overcome any obstacles thrown your way.

Believe that you’ll succeed and guess what?


It's as simple as that!