Keep Your Customer Happy

Keep Your Customer Happy

Feb 06, 2022

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Customers, whether online or offline, are always right. They may sometimes be confused, stubborn, misinformed, rude, but they are never wrong. Ever date anyone like that?

Customers are the reason we have businesses. Without them, no matter what we do, there would not be a business.

Therefore, our approach to customer service should be the same type of approach we would take towards someone we are dating. We should nurture them with good habits and relentless care.

Each date would build upon the previous one. 

Here are some simple suggestions when “dating” your customer to enhance your customer relationships.

Anticipate Their Needs

Anticipate the needs of your customer. Emphasize service over sales - good service sells.

Being pushy, always trying to sell, can be a major turnoff to most (if not all). I know it is to me. Anticipating your customers needs also helps build trust.

Listen but (I will say it again) Anticipate

Listening will only get you so far, your customer will only tell you what they  think  they need. You should anticipate what it is that they  actually  need. You should take what your customer says as important but what is of more importance is what they do not say. Listen carefully and you'll be able to pick this up.

Dazzle Your Customer

Dazzle your customer with awesome service. Treat all your customers very well but not necessarily the same. Always remember that everyone is different, so respond to their needs as individuals. One customer may need a ton of guidance, while another may prefer to browse with privacy.

Become Your Customers Problem Solver

If you can not help solve your customers problem or issue, assist him or her in locating someone that can. Customers appreciate help - even when you are not benefiting from it or profiting from a sale. Simply consider it an investment. I find that these types of investments pay off in the long run. They will appreciate the advice and remember you or your business the next time they need your product or service. So remember to always treat your customers well by being a problem solver.

One rule you never want to compromise is keeping your customer happy and satisfied.

Be Flexible

Let's say you're selling a product on your website where you offer quantity amounts of 1, 3, and 5. A customer contacts you and requests to purchase 2 of that product. Will you tell that customer that you can not sell him or her 5? That they must choose one of the available quantity options? I sure hope not. If so, you may loose out on that sale. Be flexible in your business.


You should not only nurture your customers, but if you have employees you should be nurturing them too. Provide your employees with care and show them respect. Showing your employees care and respect will reassure that your employees treat your customers the same. If you treat them poorly, they in turn will not treat your customers the way that they should be treated.

I'm gonna finish this off with a favorite saying of mine that I live by:

“Treat others the way you'd like to be treated”