The Future of World Building in Meta Horizon Worlds

The Future of World Building in Meta Horizon Worlds

Nov 12, 2023

While Meta has provided creators with tools to build basic worlds and experiences, the customization options have been limited compared to what's possible with professional 3D modeling software, such as Blender.

That's why the recent announcement that Meta will allow importing of worlds created on such platforms into Horizon Worlds is so exciting for many of us.

While only a handful of early creators have access to this integration at the moment, it's expected to roll out more widely soon [I hope]. This opens up amazing new possibilities for world building in Horizon Worlds. Rather than being constrained by the built-in creation tools, artists can build richly detailed environments with custom textures, stylized graphics, and interactive physics.

Creators will be able to fill their worlds with more animated characters, interactive objects with real physics, particle effects, and detailed architecture - everything needed to make environments feel alive.

The potential for creativity and experimentation is endless. Ambitious builders could create sprawling medieval fantasy realms, futuristic cityscapes, abstract art landscapes - this bridges the gap between Meta's world building platform and the bleeding edge of 3D design.

As with any new feature, there will likely be challenges to overcome and limitations to push against. File size and optimization will be critical considering everything still needs to run smoothly in virtual reality. But the art and worldbuilding communities are already adept at developing creative solutions to technical constraints.

Even in its early form, this Blender integration unlocks the next generation of what's possible in virtual spaces. Social VR has captured people's imagination by transporting them to new realities - and this takes that sense of immersion and wonder to the next level. As more Meta Horizon World creators get access, we can expect a new renaissance of imagination as people explore bold new worlds limited only by the edges of human creativity.

So if you don't have access to this capability, just take this time to start learning Blender, if you haven't done so yet. If you are already familiar with Blender, just start creating your worlds, save them in files ready to be imported when the time comes.

Happy Creating!