Two Magic Words To Use In Your Online Marketing

Two Magic Words To Use In Your Online Marketing

Mar 22, 2022

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You may have heard of a book called, How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. If you haven't, I highly recommend it - it's a great book. 

In it's second chapter titled: The Big Secret of Dealing With People.

The secret is summed up in this principle:

Give honest and sincere appreciation.

In his book, Carnegie says that there is only one way to get anybody to do anything - and that one way is by making the person want to do it.

How can you encourage customers to say good things about you, want to come back to you and be inspired to let others know about you and/or your business?

By giving them what all human beings crave:

Honest and sincere appreciation.

The Two Magic Words

Too often these simple two words are overlooked, ignored, or even forgotten, when dealing with people or customers. It's really not a secret, it's just not thought of as often as it should be. 

"Thank You"

Yup, those two words are magic, but some don't realize it. Saying those two words consistently and sincerely can work wonders in your online marketing.

When it comes to the online business world, these two words really do work marketing magic. 


Because customers want to feel important. Wouldn't you?

But don't say it if you don't really mean it or simply want to use to flatter someone. 

It MUST be sincere. 

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said;

"You can never say anything but what you are."

"Thank You" has a way of promoting referrals and bringing back customers over and over again. 

You can't control referrals or customers coming back, but you can definitely influence them. 

You must first provide value to your customers and there are so many ways to do this. You can provide them with a valuable service or product, or by simply providing them with more than what they asked for or expect.  

But your continued interest in them after delivering the valuable service or product makes a huge difference in their minds.  

Everyone is different and therefore, each customer has different levels of satisfaction with anything that you may offer to them. However, all of the ones that you say "thank you" to are satisfied with that feelin of importance, the feeling of being important. This can make or break any continuance of you customer relationship. 

Here is something to think about:

Acquiring a new customer is far more expensive than it is to keep one. 

"Thank You" as Direct Mail or E-mail

If you've never used a thank you correspondence program (as some have called it), such as sending out thank you emails to your customers, start now!

This thank you e-mail that you send to your customers is targeted. 

Meaning: they already know you and you already know them. It's effective, it's personal, and it almost guarantees that you will receive positive responses. 

Say "thank you," every opportunity you get. By mail, email, phone, any way you can. 

Writing the Thank-You Letter or E-mail

When you think about writing a thank you letter or email, it may appear to be a simple task. In reality it can be a bit tricky. 

Here are a few tips when writing your winning thank you letter or e-mail:

  1. Keep it brief.  
  2. Be sure that you're sincere. It's crucial for you to be sincere because if you aren't careful, it will sound weird even when you're trying to be sincere.
  3. Start with a "thank you." then go on to writing: Dear Ms. Smith (or first name, if appropriate): Thank you for ..
  4. Make the tone warm, but professional. Be friendly, but keep it businesslike.
  5. Reinforce positivity, jog their memory about the importance of the relationship. 
  6. Offer your continued support such as; "If there is anything else I can help you with, please call .."
  7. The same way you started with a thank you, you should end with a thank you too. "Thanks again for .."
  8. Use an appropriate closing such as: Sincerely, Best regards, or Best Wishes, etc.
  9. No ulterior motive. You want to make sure that your thank you is pure, otherwise sincerity is jeopardized.

Always remember that part of building strong customer relationships, is saying, "thank you." This can help form the online success that you seek.

Use these two magic words to your advantage, be consistent and watch your business grow.