Entrepreneur Challenge

Entrepreneur Challenge

Mar 03, 2023

Will You Take The Entrepreneur Challenge?

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In my personal life, people often ask me; "How can you live life without a TV?"

I simply laugh and respond with; "How can you live WITH a TV?"

In my opinion, watching TV is an alternative to living.

Hey .. I'm not the only one that thinks that way. :-)

Let me explain. 

What I mean by that is, you can not spend an hour playing with the kids when what you're doing with that hour is watching someone else play with kids on TV or you can not spend a week cruising the caribbean when you're busy watching TV. 

Get it? How about this one:

You're not really bonding with the family just because you're all in the same room watching TV together. Think about it .. everyone is focused on what's on TV.

Wouldn't spending that time be more meaningful talking to each other.

Do you see what I mean when I say watching TV is basically an alternative to living?  

I made the choice, a long time ago, to live without a TV in my home. It was a personal choice of mine. That choice has provided me with more freedom and allowed me to focus more on, not only mine, but also my families future. 

I read somewhere that a majority of the rich never watch TV and after some research, I've come to the conclusion that it's true!

When a person who watches TV on a regular basis stops watching TV, that person will immediately begin to notice and actually see more success in their life.

Yes, there are some people that are confused and just don't understand this particular choice of mine. I could spend hours explaining it in detail but in reality, it just comes down to one .. It was simply my choice.

I would never tell everyone to get rid of their TV. I mean, there's always going to be tasks in this world that simply need to be performed by TV watchers in a J.O.B. - which by the way stands for Just Over Broke.

I am only suggesting that you try to live without that TV for a few days, or better yet .. weeks and see how much more freedom you feel you have. 

No matter where you're at in life, there's just so much to see, so many things you can do and achieve.  

TV wastes valuable time. Your valuable time and time equals money in the online business world.

Instead of watching TV, exercise, read a book, write, take a course, plan your goals, mind map, create, the list goes on and on as to how many other things you can do that are beneficial towards your online entrepreneurship goals. 

Try it out. 

Take this entrepreneur challenge yourself and see.

Turn off your TV (this includes video games and streaming shows or movies on your phone - no cheating) for two weeks.

Taking an entrepreneur challenge such as this one will help you discover what your mind has to offer and what you are capable of achieving.  What you possess in your mind may actually surprise you. 

I'm very interested in knowing if you've ever taken on an entrepreneurial challenge like this. If so, let me know about it and how did it go for you? Send me a message about it.

Have You Ever Taken This Entrepreneur Challenge?

Tell us about it. How long did you go without your TV and what benefits did you gain in your life from doing so. Share it!