Sell Your Ideas

Sell Your Ideas

Jan 03, 2022

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No matter what type of online business you're in or looking to get into, you must always be able to sell your ideas to others.

If you're the owner, then you have to sell your ideas to your employees or business partners.

If you're an employee of a business then you should be able to sell your ideas to your boss, your company, or your customers.

Sometimes it seems that in life, it does not matter whether it's in your professional life or personal life, you have to adapt to selling your ideas to others.

It is not hard to master the process of selling, but it takes practice. The first and perhaps the most important rule of thumb is to remember that one's credibility in the online business world must be earned. Credibility is an extremely critical part of your online business because it can determine whether your business will struggle or succeed. 

How To Earn Credibility Online

There are a number of ways you can earn credibility for your online business. Here are a few examples:

Social Media

Be active on social media platforms. 

Nowadays, every online business should be on at least one social media platform. 

And I'm not talking about creating an account on one and that's it. You have to be active on it. Answer questions or concerns and share valuable information with others (for free). Ask others to share, like or subscribe to your page, website, or channel. Interact with your audience and potential customers.

Reviews and Testimonials

The opinions and views of other people about your business is important to a lot of people. 

So I think it's worth encouraging your customers to provide a review or perhaps even a testimonial about their experience with your business. NEVER use a fake review or testimonial! 

Allow Others To Easily Contact You

Make it easy for others to be able to contact you.

Not only should your business be on social media platforms but it should also have an email address and your website should have a contact page. if you really want to make it even more credible include a mailing address. People like to engage with the brands they do business with. 

Be An Expert

I talk about this particular topic in another article here simply titled: Be An Expert . In there I talk about how you do not have to be an expert to be an expert.

Would you agree? or does that confuse you?

You can easily pick topics you have knowledge about and write about it. Thereby providing your audience with useful and / or helpful information.

These are just a few ways you can build up your online business credibility. So keep in mind that there are many more; staying consistent, being genuine, honest, loyal, respectful, accountable, and sincere, to name a few.

Points To Remember When Selling

Know what you're selling - duh!

But don't just know what you're selling, know what it can do and what benefits it can or will provide to your potential customers business or life.

Build a relationship before selling. I do not know about you but there's nothing more that I dislike than going into a store or a car lot and immediately having a sales person come to me trying to sell me something before they even say hi or welcome. Shouldn't you want to know about your potential customer first? You should.

The ability to sell your ideas to others is a valuable asset to have in both your professional and personal life. Understand it, gain knowledge about how others successfully do it and how you can.

No matter where you're at in life, whether dealing with your significant other, your children, your friends, or employees, your ability to sell your ideas will always come into play - so play it well.