Why a Blog About Meta Horizon Worlds

Why a Blog About Meta Horizon Worlds

Apr 18, 2023

Meta Horizon Worlds

Recently, I have discovered or should I say I have tried out the virtual world. I have known about virtual reality, but never fully delved into it much.

Lately, however, I've been all in!

In particular, Meta Horizon Worlds, which is a virtual reality space created by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest 2 and now Oculus Pro.

I own an Oculus Quest 2 and although it was intended to be for my daughter, I have found myself on it way more than her .. lol. She just never had as much of an interest in it as I thought she would when I bought it.

I started out playing normal VR games such as Population One, Creed, Thrill of the Fight, etc., all awesome games, but then I got curious about the metaverse.

That curiosity led me to Multiverse, a free app within your VR. Multiverse is sort of like a large virtual social media space. There I discovered virtual real estate, although there are many other places better known for their virtual real estate such as Decentraland, The Sandbox and more, Multiverse was just the first one I encountered.

In the app, I spoke to other people, as a robotic looking avatar, and started learning even more.

I began to buy virtual penthouses and apartments there, then discovered that there was so much more you can do with them than I thought. You can actually personalize the picture frames inside of each property you own to actual pictures you have in the real world.

I thought that was amazing!

Then I found that you can create links to any website or link any door from your property to any where you want an individual to be directed to. You can even purchase a storefront in the multiverse and link it to any products and services that you may offer in the physical world.

The possibilities are remarkable.

But I didn't start this post to write about that. That's simply where my interest in the metaverse began.

I tried many other apps in the past, trying to create animation shows and games but never anything like what Meta Horizon Worlds provides.

I've dived into this particular metaverse more than I ever did any other. Meta Horizon Worlds has brought out the creativity within me that I think I never realized I had. I've always believed we are all creators but Meta Horizon Worlds brings out a part of creativeness that seems to just come out naturally for many creators. I began meeting new people from all over the world and playing games I never thought I would have fun playing.

The best part Is that my mom, who lives far away, enjoys Meta Horizon Worlds just as much as I do, which means that we get to hang out together on a daily basis. Listening to her laughter, fills me up with joy.

Little by little, I started to discover "World Creating" and WOW!!

I found a new love!

So I began attending world creating classes within the app itself, learning about building and scripting. I began to start building on my own and found that there were not many online resources that show you how to build or script for this particular app.

I did find Vidyuu Tutorials, which got me even more into wanting to create worlds and is super informative and helpful. Thanks Vidyuu!

They are my number one go to, when I can't figure something out, while building worlds.

There are a few other online resources too, but not very many.

With that said, I have started using ToBePreneur.com to become one of those resources where others can turn to for answers to their questions, assistance with their world building or scripting problems, just to talk about Meta Horizon Worlds, and more.

I am by no means a professional in the world building or scripting space of Meta Horizon Worlds, so ToBePreneur.com is also MY learning place. It's just one that I want to share with others, so that we learn and grow together.

Plus, I LOVE hearing and talking about creating in Meta Horizon Worlds!!

I learn more by repeating things, writing things down (or in this case, typing it out), and teaching others.

So join me on my journey towards creating awesome experiences where WE, as creators, can enjoy our creations, and take our creating to as far as we want it to go.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a message, a comment, or suggestions.

Till then, enjoy the journey!